Also around the complex
distances of 10 ‘- 15’ are also found
other sights of the island, such as “PONTICONISI”
“MONF REFOS” “PELEKAS for the sunset.

– The ideal location of the complex is
suitable for various activities, such as
hiking and cycling in the panoramic village
of Saints Ten and exploring nearby
villages, such as Communists and others. with graphics
monasteries and museums of various local

– Guests are given the opportunity
complex who do not have a means
to be served by mass media
such as the “blue bus”
No 5 & No 10 for “MILIA” as well as
Interstate “GREEN BUS” for SAINT DEKA and
stops just outside the entrance
In parallel with a rental agency
motorbikes, motorbikes
“TP rent a car and scouters” is given
possibility for our guests to rent
with low prices.

1km & 1,5km from the complex
the visitor can enjoy the traditional
our taverns “SPIROS” and “GLOUPOS”
at non-tourist prices as well as in the village
of Saints Ten enjoying the panoramic
view to Tavern “TRYPAS”

– Apart from the owner’s personal hospitality
the visitor receives daily cleanliness
of the room, changing bed linen every three
days (unless it is necessary before and before)

– Wifi free in the complex
– air condition
– our ability to wash personal clothes
– hot water
– Toilet paper, soaps
– refrigerator
– kettle

We wish you good stay and you
thank you for your preference.